Friday, March 13

Recently, I Have Mostly...

I have been a bit 'fluey' for the past couple of weeks, so apologies if this 'recently' post gives off any 'stir-crazy' vibes.

* I read on Wikipedia that between January 1996 and September 1997, Elton John spent £293,000 on flowers. I did a bit of maths (with a calculator), and that is £14,650 p/m or about £3,663 p/w. Obviously, that's excessive, but at the same time, I get it; The Wikipedia page doesn't elaborate, but I assume those flowers were split between a handful of Elton's homes (containing a lot of rooms) and dressing rooms. It mostly makes sense, although these tulips were £1.25 a bunch, clearly Elton's florist is fiddling with some numbers. I always think of fresh flowers as a luxury, but whenever I buy them they somehow make me a million times more cheerful.

* I had to separate all of my TV viewing into a separate post because it made it seem like all I'd done recently was watch TV (and that is only half true). You can read all my normal TV nonsense here.

* In the above mentioned separate TV post I talked a little about an article on Media Diversified, well following on from that, I found this article on the 'The N word and The Demise of Concious Rap' from 2013, which is very good if not only to support why it was so brilliant to see Common and John Legend not only perform, but win for 'Glory' at a decidedly white-washed Oscars.

* New favourite Tumblr blog: Saved By the Bell Hooks, is a blog with Saved by the Bell stills captioned with perfectly fitting quotes by American author, feminist and social activist Bell Hooks (Gloria Jean Atkins). I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear, based on the amount of TV/Films I watch that my first feminist icons (outside of my own home) were fictional characters, which included my favourite Saved by the Bell Character, Jessie Spano (see also Lisa Simpson, Roseanne Conner and Miss Grotke from Recess). So, of course I love this blog. Aside from the themed posts, this post on 'Intersectionality' really stood out for me, it's a term that I've only been familiar with for a few months, but as a concept makes complete sense.

* We're already nearly half-way through March and I haven't read a single (proper) book all year. I'm in a weird rut where nothing is really grabbing my interest, I started so many books, read a lot of samples and read a few short stories here there, but nothing is sticking. I guess until something sticks I will continue to half read every book on my shelf!

* My friend Tom is reading the 80 'Penguin Little Black Classics' in 80 days and reviewing them on his blog 'Eighty Books In Eighty Days'. The collection of books consists of lesser known titles and short stories from a diverse range of writers. It's an fantastic idea - I know that when I originally saw the list I immediately picked out the books I'd buy based on the authors I already love, which is probably why I'm in a reading rut - Tom has already reacquainted himself with a familiar classic, started on the path of enlightenment and entered the fantastically gory world of Grimm.

* Mini-moan to finish off the post, but did people watch Her and think that having an intimate relationship with their mobile phone was an amazing idea. When did people stop using mobile phones solely as a way to arrange see people in person? Maybe I've missed the point completely, but I think 95% of the messages I send are to arrange to meet-up with someone (the other 5% are normally nonsensical in jokes and emojiis). I'm kind of tired of meeting up with people and trying to have a conversation as they stare wide-eyed at their phones vibrating along the dining table. I'm not saying I don't send a few texts during drinks with friends, but if I'm better acquainted with the back of your phone than I am with you, maybe it's time to consider leaving it out of arms reach for a while.

Don't worry, the irony of this being an Orange Network ad isn't lost on me.

It's now (unofficially) Spring so go buy a bouquet of seasonal flowers, watch an inordinate amount of TV (maybe watch Her on DVD), visit a vintage fair or read a book. Whatever you do have a fantastic weekend!


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