Sunday, June 7

Stuff #3

Whenever I do these posts I get that song 'Things' by Dean Martin in my head, I don't even know the words properly, just the background 'things' bit, basically whenever I do these posts I sing the word 'things' over and over again.

1. Zena Mae Sandals (Clarks)

These sandals are what happens when you walk past the open door of your local Clarks, on your way to the bus stop; I was pulled in by the sight of these beautiful things. Although they are described as 'ugly' and 'boyish' by Clarks, I love the simplicity of the shoes. I get a little tired of all the embellishments, glitter and dangly bits women's sandals tend to be adorned in, so these felt like a bit of a discovery and of course they're incredibly comfortable - classic Clarks.

2. Samples (Aesop)

I am in love with the Nottingham Aesop store (just a few floors above our local Rough Trade record store, which I am also in love with). I don't want to say too much as I have a post worth of photos and notes to be getting on with, but I will say that the staff are friendly, helpful and immensely knowledgeable about every single product in store and every time I pop in I leave smelling, and feeling, absolutely wonderful (even the bag smells amazing).

3. Girls, Series One (Oxfam)

 Regardless of the existence of Netflix (and all the other streaming services), you can't beat a DVD box set. I wouldn't normally buy a series box set in the middle of a series like this (which is incidentally the only reason I am happy that Mad Men is over), but I saw this in my local Oxfam for £2, so couldn't resist picking it up.

My love for Girls ebbs and flows, I always enjoy it in general, but I can definitely identify specific episodes that I categorically dislike; 'One Man's Trash' from series two always stands out for me as an episode I really disliked, despite being critically well received, I found it incredibly masturbatory on Lena Dunhams behalf. Skip forward to the most recent season (season 4) of Girls and I feel settled in really enjoying the show, and I feel like Lena Dunham has reached a comfortable balance between the character's lack of self-awareness, the friendships and relationships, Shoshanna's almost caricature like personality, the weird self-indulgence and the truly sweet moments. I also bought the DVD because I miss seeing Christopher Abbot on TV on a regular basis.

4. 'Trussville' Tortoise Prescription Sunglasses (*

I'm always so excited for spring/summer, the build up to bright sunshine and warm (ish) weather is at times overwhelming, I spend hours stood in front of desk lamps trying to remember what the sun feels like; and then somehow it just arrives, like it never left. It is at that point that I remember hayfever and insects and my terrible eyesight, because summer means that I can't just sit on the grass and I can't just wear any old sunglasses. Which is why I was rather excited when offered to send me a pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses, for not walking into lamp posts when it's sunny out purposes. I am in love with these, it's not a style I'd normally go for, but they are quite 90's looking - nearly vintageIf you are interested in a pair of  cheap eyeglasses you can use the discount code GSHOT50 for 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses (with free lenses).

6. A Sting in the Tale by Dave Goulson; We Should All Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie; Changing My Mind by Zadie Smith (Waterstones)

The eagle-eyed of you will note the fact that I haven't written about books in a while, since January/February, mainly because I've barely read any. I say that not in a smug, self-satisfied way, but with slight concern that all I've read so far this year is the Fifty Shades trilogy (which I only read because I wanted context to seeing Jamie Dornan naked) and Valley of the Dolls (which I thought was a ridiculous soap opera of a book). I have however read a few essays and short stories online in an attempt to figure out what I want to read next, hence the above purchases. 

A Sting in the Tale is a result of curiosity and guilty pleasure - my obsession with bees has grown a large amount over the past few years, but I also don't feel as educated as I should be about them. We Should All Be Feminists is simply the text from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's, now infamous, TEDX talk (which I have already seen multiple times),
but it has a nice cover and is quite cheap. Changing My Mind is a book of essays on various topics - I want to enjoy Zadie Smith so much, I've tried reading her books, but I find them incredibly difficult to get into, I do however enjoy reading her articles/essays, so I thought I'd give this a shot.


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