Tuesday, November 3

I'm Still Here

I wrote that title, and immediately had thoughts of that year when Joaquin Phoenix went a bit weird, grew a beard and decided to become a rapper (and then said it was for a film); wouldn't it be amazing if since the last time I wrote a post, I had embarked on a rap career and gone a bit odd; actually, now I'm thinking I should wait a little longer, just to see what happens...

But, no, I am in fact, still here - occupying the digital ether and I haven't changed or grown the slightest inkling of a crazy beard. Not much has happened and not much has changed; There's something quite comforting about having this space where I announce my presence and continued existence to nobody in particular, whilst continually saying that not a single thing has changed.

My 28th Birthday came and went a few weeks ago without too much fanfare, it was lovely, certainly one of the better ones, but I found that when I sat down to write my 'birthday post', I didn't have a huge amount to say - it all just felt typically introspective and moony (not unlike this post no doubt). And 28 is treating me reasonably well so far, without this sounding like a sub-par Kelly Clarkson song, I've discovered a determination and confidence that I'm not sure I had this time last year. What that means, I don't know - for all I know it could mean that I try a new toothpaste or that I finally give up eating dairy. Whatever it means, I'm still here and I'm ready to blog about how annoyed I am with The Good Wife, my new obsession with house plants and the fact that I've read EL James more than any other author this year (actually, no I'm still rightfully ashamed about that). So, back to blogging. 


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