Sunday, January 10

2016: Just Another New Year's Post

Seriously, what even is time? How is it 2016, it feels like the Millennium was just yesterday. Happy New Year one and all.

2015 was a pretty big year for me filled with many a milestone - I got a new job (a big girl job, which means I no longer scour the job listings) and I moved into my first post-uni flat (complete with big-girl bills). I don't want to jinx an entire year, but 2015 was a good one.

And so to 2016, as most will know I don't believe in New Years Resolutions and I didn't make any birthday resolutions, so I'm winging-it a little this year, I am not what one would describe as spontaneous, so this could be both terribly exciting and excitingly terrible, until I eventually just decide to sit down to write a list of things I intend to achieve in 2016 (which will probably happen around mid March at the latest)


Well, firstly I am so excited to read a book that isn't The Goldfinch or written by EL James. I know I only have myself to blame, but I have this awful character trait where I have to finish things once I've begun them and I point blank refused to stop reading The Goldfinch half-way through and I'm apparently fascinated by terrible books, disturbingly so, I mean I read all four of those Fifty Shades books. Although, I should say I only read books by female authors in 2015, which I thought was quite cool regardless of the books I read.

I have started buying all of the No1 Ladies Detective Agency books by Alexander McCall Smith, because I kept seeing them in charity shops, so I thought why not? I'm also currently halfway through Mr Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan, which will hopefully bode well for my reading in 2016.


Last season of Girls was, in my opinion the strongest season to date (I think I may have described it as perfect at one point), coming off of that high I am so excited for Lena Dunham to not make it weird again in 2016. I'm even more excited that they set a definite end date of season six, I always find that American shows outstay their welcome a little, so it's a wise move to go out (hopefully) on a high.

I am also on edge about the second half of season two of How To Get Away With Murder. HTGAWM is my new sponsored show, if you tell me that you own a TV, I am likely to yell at you until you watch this. Seriously, can somebody I know please watch this, so I can talk to you about it!


At the moment I really want to see Joy, I tried so hard not to be charmed by Jennifer Lawrence over the past few months, but then she turned up on Graham Norton with ladders in her tights, adjusting her awkwardly fitting skirt and I couldn't help thinking that we should probably be friends. And I know she probably has people who fluff-up her hair and trip her over every now and again to make me think that she's just like me, but gosh darn it, it worked - I want to be charmed on the big screen by my Academy Award Winning, Dior spokesmodelling BFF!

I also want to see The Hateful Eight, because duh!

And finally, I have pledged to watch 52 Films by women this year, that is the equivalent of one female directed/written film a week. #52FilmsbyWomen is an initiative created by WIF (Women in Film Los Angeles) to bring more attention to female film makers. I've now officially started, with two films - one very light and lovely, the other was a complete surprise!

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