Thursday, February 18

Three Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

At this point podcasts have existed forever, or at least since the creation of iTunes (I suppose before iTunes, they were just called the radio). I have, however only caught on to the joys of listening to Podcasts in the past few years, so as is completely normal for me, I am going to tell how brilliant something is, that you already knew was brilliant, these are a few of my favourites.

1. The New York Public Library Podcast

The New York Public Library Podcast is a series of conversations between a wealth of creative people - writers, artists and thinkers - talking about the things that they create and the things that interest them.

This was recommended to me by someone about a year ago and I took the recommendation with a pinch of salt, simply because I assumed it would be not too dissimilar from TED talks, which are good, but can occassionally go over my head as they sometimes feel like someone is just talking at me for about 20 minutes.

I like NYPLs podcast (and pretty much all of the podcasts I've selected) because they are conversational, it feels like I've somehow been invited to sit with two incredibly interesting and exciting people and they aren't even the slightest bit bothered by my nonsensical ramblings (yes, I have been known to talk to the podcasts I listen to). 

There's a wide selection of podcasts to listen to, but so far my favourites have been Matthew Weiner discussing Mad Men, Zadie Smith and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on Race, Writing and Relationships and Alan Cumming on NYC and Acting.

2. Another Round

I just discovered this podcast, like this week, and obviously I wouldn't share something that I discovered this week unless I spent the week cram listening said thing. Seriously, if you think I've ignored you this week, it's because I've had my headphones on full listening to this.

Hosted by Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton is a Buzzfeed created/developed/whatever podcast, where they talk about pop-culture, race, gender and everything under the sun. And seriously, these ladies are incredibly funny and infectious, but they also talk about social issues in an accessible, down to earth manner. They also talk about being black women in a completely unapologetic way, it's nice to listen to something and for it to relate to my life every now and again.

There's an article about Another Round on The Guardian, because obviously The Guardian always discovers exciting things a month before me, you can read it here

3. Bonnie and Maude

I feel like I've gushed about Bonnie and Maude, like a lot, a lot a lot - and they are no longer putting out new episodes - but they deserve an honourable mention because it's the podcast that made me actively search for more podcasts. 

Bonnie and Maude is a film podcast hosted by Eleanor Kagan and Kseniya Yarosh wherein they discuss female driven/centred/friendly films and talk about the role of women from a female-centric perspective. 

You should definitely listen to them all, but a few of my favourite episodes are the ones focused on women in space, Nora Ephron, Batman Returns and Frances Ha. The podcast are incredibly interesting - you can tell that Eleanor and Kseniya definitely know what they are talking about, and genuinely enjoy talking about film (whether they enjoy what they've watched or not), they also regularly include interesting guests (including filmmaker and Pagan, Lyra Hill to discuss The Craft and Eleanor's own mother, Dr Paula Kagan to discuss Rosemary's Baby).

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